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Starting April 3, 2017
Santa Fe 6
Feldenkrais Teacher Training Program
Open for enrollment

Educational Director: Diana Razumny
Main Supporting Trainer: Carol Kress

Santa Fe is a unique place to experience your training process while enjoying the art and culture of the southwest. The staff have known each other and worked with each other in many settings over the last 2 decades. We work to present a consistent and safe environment for learning and stay connected to all our students throughout the 4-year process.

Santa Fe 6 Training Format & Dates

The program will commence April 3, 2017 and end on October 23, 2020. The training consists of a 2-week segment in the Spring, a 4-week segment in the Summer and a 2-week segment in the Fall, each year. 25 to 27.5 training hours will be presented during each week. Total training will be a minimum of 800 hours but scheduled for 880 hours.

Santa Fe 6 Training Logistics & Application Form

Information about cost, registration, location and housing. Please complete contact form (Contact Us) and/or download and complete application form.

Santa Fe 6 Training Content and Process

Feldenkrais trainings have been developing and growing their content and process over the last 20 years. We are proud to introduce new ideas and concepts in each training and would like to share with you the outline of the content of the 4 years, as well as some of the specific learning strategies and processes involved in the training.

Santa Fe 6 Training Faculty and Staff

Our training faculty is exceptional in experience and skill. Our trainers have 15 years or more of experience in their practice and in training roles. Together, they have led
Feldenkrais professional training programs in some 10 countries. The training staff may also include Assistant trainers, who have been selected for their human and professional qualities.

Disclaimer: Accreditation of this program by FGNA does not indicate that this program meets local or state laws for post secondary or vocational training. In certain states or countries, professional practice may be subject to laws limiting their professional practice unless the graduate has (a) certain license(s). Neither Awareness Through Movement® nor Functional Integration® may be practiced professionally before graduation from an accredited training program. Interim authorization as a Trainee Awareness Through Movement teacher is a student teaching position.

Training Inspiration/For Practitioners

"Diana has a natural ability to guide you through experiences to gain body awareness in such a way it forever changes how you feel about your body and how you move. She is truly present for her students, and her teachings make you want to share your discoveries with everyone. "

Julia Grover, OTR/LCHT, Tucson, AZ,
Student in Movement Educators'
Feldenkrais Training Programs

"Simply said, my experience of the 4-year Feldenkrais Professional Training program, organized by Movement Educators, has been the most enjoyable and transformative educational experience of my life. Originally drawn to the training to learn new skills as a yoga instructor and therapist interested in helping my students reduce pain and increase mobility, I had no idea how personally beneficial the training would be to my own life. I cannot recommend the experience highly enough - and I think my clients would agree!
I've heard from many colleagues about their experiences in other trainings, and I feel all the more grateful to have been a part of one organized by the Razumnys. The emphasis on group process, the quality of teaching, the sheer amount and quality of support materials we received throughout the training are unprecedented. I feel deeply fortunate to have had the experience of the training, and to be continuously enjoying its fruits in my day to day life even now."

Erin Geesaman Rabke, Yoga teacher, Salt Lake City, UT
Graduate of Santa Fe 3 training program