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Feldenkrais® for Feldenkrais® PractitionersSM

Movement Educators presents a series of 3 Intensive 5-Day Workshops

Working with Children and Developmental Movement

taught by
Diana Razumny

For the love of movement

Inspiration and Intention

A compelling force behind the method was Moshe's work with children. We've seen in videos his work with children required a level of spontaneity and creativity beyond how we work with our other students. Some people feel intimidated by this challenge, others are curious and tempted to enter the arena while others thrive on it. Diana is one of those people who thrive on this challenge. She wants to offer inspiration to those who feel an attraction or interest of any kind to work with children but haven't yet developed in that direction. Our work with the children is the best environment for studying these developmental patterns. The intention of the workshop is to create an environment to stimulate your thinking and learning and provide an opportunity to share the intelligence the work inspires in each of us.
"Diana demonstrates that in one short lesson even severely involved children can learn new neurological organization and in five successive lessons show remarkable improvement in function."

-Joan b. Willenborg M.A., P.T., Feldenkrais® Practitioner participant in Northampton, Mass. Series

Workshop facilitator
Diana Razumny is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerSM and Assistant trainer who primarily works with people challenged by neurological difficulties, especially children. She has developed workshops for the parents and therapists of those children as well. She has a wealth of knowledge from her years of transcribing Feldenkrais® training programs and advanced workshops. Diana travels extensively in Europe and the USA. Part of her European work is at a clinic for autism and perception difficulties. At the clinic she combines forces with her husband, Efrem, a certified dance/movement therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner®, using a team approach.
Format of the Workshops

During the five days there will be live demonstrations and videos to stimulate discussion about:
creating connection with child & parents
qualities of handling
developmental movement patterns
functional themes
related ATMs
The live demonstrations will be with the same children so we can witness the development of the lessons as well as appreciate the changes that occur with intensive work. There will be time to reflect on each session as our interests guide us. Discussions will revolve around the five topics listed above. The lessons will be videod for close viewing and for review. A series of developmental ATMs will be taught to bring us back to our intimate relationship with the work. A special opportunity is available to participants who would like to observe Diana working with a child they bring in the morning before the workshop. Please call or email us or the organizer to make arrangements.
Playfulness, joy, humor, loving devotion and knowledge (especially about the developmental movement patterm of the baby) are the colours of Diana's very special moving contact to children. Her own motion flows with the impulses and feelings of the child - new learning is conveyed in an ever changing close and secure contact. It's a touching experience to watch this beautiful intelligent dance."

-Irene Sieben, Feldenkrais® Practitioner Dancer and Author - berlin, Germany participant in basel, Switzerland Series

Three in the Series
The first workshop will focus primarily on creating connection and qualities of handling. The other three topics will arise but will not be our main focus. The second in the series will be devoted to identifying functional themes. The third and last part of the series will be directed at the developmental movement patterns found in infants from 0-18 months and ATMs that are directly and not-so-directly related to what was observed in the demonstrations.
I love your commitment to teaching. I cannot thank you enough...What can I say...I just think of how much you have given me and then I watch videos and try to keep going. I could not be doing it without the workshops you gave us"

-Autumn Dann, Feldenkrais Practitioner participant in berkeley, California Series

Who is invited to the workshop?
Feldenkrais Practitioners who have an interest in furthering their work with children
New practitioners looking for input and inspiration about Feldenkrais with children
Third and fourth year students in a Feldenkrais® training program who have curiosity about practicing with children
Feldenkrais Practitioners and students who want to deepen their knowledge of developmental movement patterns for their work with all people.
"Diana has such great instincts! She wraps the child with so much warm intimacy that the child resonates with Diana's sense of functional harmony and flow. In this way she creates an envelope for the child's learning."

-Ruthy Alon, Senior Feldenkrais® trainer, Jerusalem, Israel

Feldenkrais® Lessons are also available on audiotape.