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Story of Johannes by Diana Razumny

Johannes came into the world with no arms... two deformed legs and feet... and a future that seemed to hold out more disappointment than hope. Countless therapies had been tried and had not helped him to function better. FELDENKRAIS Practitioner Diana Razumny Met Johannes when he was eight. She sensed in him a spirit that seemed to transcend limitations. She learned from the boy that he had a longing to run fast with his prosthesis. Diana explained that the first step was for her to touch and move him, directing his attention to his pelvis and spine. Communicating with hand and heart, she began an exploration that has evolved over two years.
In that time, in more than 50 sessions, Johannes' scoliosis has improved, and he has learned to use his spine in a much more flexible fashion. Johannes' doctors have noticed the improvement in his scoliosis and his mom told them it was from the FELDENKRAIS lessons. They said, "Keep it up!" Through their work together, this spirited boy has discovered how to do a "judo roll," so that he can protect his head in the event of a fall. Recently, Diana received a joyful phone call from Johannes' mother, explaining that her son had fallen from the sofa, that he rolled and came up smiling, saying, "That's what Diana taught me!