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Mindful Movement TrainingsTM (MMT)
for Special Interest Groups

Who would be interested in Mindful Movement Trainings and why:

Martial Artists who want to learn basic components of body mechanics and how that relates to powerful use of the self.
Dancers who are open to a completely new way of exploring movement to increase range of motion, strength, grace and self expression.

Athletes wanting to invest in the leading edge technology for improving their effeciency and performance and preventing injuries.
Musicians that can appreciate the effects of the nuances of body awareness and use of their own body on the quality of their art.
Actors who want to expand their body awareness to be able to have a more neutral ground on which to build a new character.
Visual artists interested in interweaving their visual talents and imaging abilities into filling out their own body/self-image for fuller expression of the self.
Therapy groups exploring how their early childhood development has affected their adult lives by approaching self through body movements.
Women's groups of all kinds wanting to do something together to support growing strong healthy self-images.
Groups of friends that would like to support each other in personal growth and share a powerful experience of learning about self.
Staff of corporations understanding the importance of healthy self-image of it's members as well as the benefits of staff sharing experiences that are nonhabitual to their working environment.
Physical Therapists and other people who work with people for replenishing the self as well as learning how to use good body mechanics on the job.
Any group you belong to can have a training customized to the group's needs.

MMT Format
The full training consists of twelve seminars that are presented over a period of time that is custom designed for the needs of the group. Each seminar is 2 days, 6 hours a day. The days are spent exploring and understanding how you move, learn and percieve as it relates to your special interest.
The mindful movements done in the training are based on movement lessons developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Other processes are introduced based on the group's interest. Each participant will also have three individual lessons separate from the group process. These lessons are scheduled the week before or after the seminar, depending on Movement Educator's schedule.