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We are in the process of developing a retreat center in Southwest New Mexico which will provide an environment for learning, therapy and growth. Our plans include a large workshop building, a dining room and kitchen building, small cabins (1-4 people) for workshop participants, a bath house area, ponds, an art studio, horseback riding facilities, gardens and greenhouses and more. (click on pictures to view enlargements)
What is important to us is to create a special environment for learning of all kinds. We have chosen this area of the Southwest because the magic of the land will help to create and enhance the nourishing environment that we envision. Workshops will be process oriented and led by trainers from many modalities that we feel share our vision. One of the main programs we want to develop is family-oriented therapy for children with special needs. The children will be engaged in a variety of movement therapies including Feldenkrais®, horseback riding and swimming. Parents will also have a chance to take advantage of workshops and individual sessions for themselves at the retreat center as well as vacationing in the surrounding area. The goal is to provide a supportive, fun, learning environment for the whole family.
Other programs will be self-growth workshops for adults including Feldenkrais®, Dance/Movement therapy, singing, acting and others. We are also interested in balancing these workshops with seminars from other disciplines that:
We are looking for creative people with various skills and resources to join us in the design, building and operation of the retreat center. If you are interested in any aspect of our retreat vision please complete the Contact Form.

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